Anyone tried the HDFreaks Image ?

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    • Anyone tried the HDFreaks Image ?

      As the title, just wondering if anyone has tested the HDFreaks Image for the VU+ Duo?

      If so can you post your thoughts, feedback about the image please?
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    • yes, I did have it working, and its ok, but the VTi image was strongly recomended to me
      by someone that had also run the pli image

      but as said, yes its an ok image, but susapect, that you might return to the VTi

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    • I use barry allen and at the moment hdfreak is booted.
      I find it very nice. The video list is as I like. On dreambox I used
      suomipoeka, but on vu+ it doesn't work.
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    • HDFreaks s mainly based on pli. I prefer VTI.
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