Internal card reader in Solo4K, how do I use it?

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    • Internal card reader in Solo4K, how do I use it?

      I've had a Dreambox DM8000S for many years and I have been using cccam with the internal card reader with my legitimate Canal Digital Nordic card. No problems at all.

      Now I have just gotten a VU+ Solo4K (to match my OLED 4K TV) and I installed VTi. It does not seem to be as simple to make it work. I have a hardware CAM as well but it's too old so it can't handle all the channels. Howerver, it can handle some channels so I'm sure the tuner and everything else works. I have some questions and I hope someone can help me.

      1. Which card reader should I use?
      2. Which way should the card be inserted (chip up or chip down)?
      3. I did not need to configure cccam but it seems cccam does not work with solo4k. Is this true?
      4. How do I get Oscam to work with my card in one of the internal card readers?

      If these questions have been answered here before I apologize. Most entries are in german and my knowledge in the german language is not very good. I'm hoping I can get some support anyway.
    • Yes!!!!!! I found a configuration setup that works a little bit. Unfortunately it only works as well as the hardware CAM. I still can't view the HD channels. Is this a configuration issue or is there a problem with the VU+ tuners?