Please check the bug

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    • There are special conditions: record length should not be less than 6 h 30 min and the recording must continue while attempting to jump to the end of the entry.

      1. The timeline has a green marker:
      2. Blue marker is located to the left of the green marker;
      3. I click > button --- then blue marker combined with a green marker;
      4. I click > button again and get the bug: no move to the end of timeline.

      Bug is unstable.
      Sometimes I can't reproduce it.

      Most often the bug manifests after I did a few jumps (buttons < and > ) between the beginning of the recording and green marker.

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    • I flash OpenPLi-4.0 and test it for the bug. There does not have this bug.

      I'll try to explain it again:

      1. The bug manifests itself on long duration records -- more than 6h (in my observation)
      2. If you do not stop the recording and start playing it, then jump to the end of the recording is not possible.

      Please, fix this bug!