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      Die Newbie Tutorial von skywatcher:

      Source Code

      1. Changelog:
      3. - added sorted list for delete satellite option in context menu
      4. - added volume up to 200% for streaming player
      5. - improved stripping of ANSI escape sequences from telnet prompt
      6. - improved parsing of marker entries
      7. - fixed reading bouquets file with invalid entries
      8. - fixed non-working update check
      9. - OpenSSL security updates
      11. - added eServiceUri support
      12. - added autoscrolling on moving profiles
      13. - added moving multiple profiles at once
      14. - added switch on/off service type indicators without restart
      15. - added scaling factor 200%
      16. - improved write all linebreaks as Unix(LF) not Windows(CRLF)
      17. - improved MIS/PLS handling
      18. - improved error messages
      19. - fixed initial default pathes
      20. - fixed issues with path selection dialog
      21. - fixed some uncommon bug when writing markers (introduced by last update)
      22. - fixed assign and remove of picons in main service list
      23. - fixed OpenSSL libraries (x64 files were missing)
      24. - fixed not properly working function "Mark services not in Userbouquets with flag X"
      25. - fixed error on export of bouquets/services
      26. - fixed skipping of some completely invalid formed bouquet entries of some IPTV providers
      27. - fixed satellites.xml editor (transponders weren't deleteable if confirmation questions were disabled)
      28. - fixed website links
      29. - some GUI improvements
      30. - OpenSSL security updates
      31. - language file updates
      33. - added option to disable service type indicators in front of servicenames (options panel GUI)
      34. - added new cleanup function for local picon directory (removes all picons not found in any user bouquet)
      35. Note: the other option removes only picons not found in both lamedb AND user bouquets
      36. - added High-DPI support / scaling natively without losing sharpness
      37. - added scaling factors 100%, 125%, 150% and auto (depends on system setting)
      38. Note: this will override the font size selection which is now only used on 100% factor
      39. - added 64-bit build of dreamboxEDIT
      40. Note: use VLC 32-bit for standard and VLC 64-bit for x64 version of dreamboxEDIT
      41. - improved dreamboxEDIT installer: new accessibility options (high contrast mode, scaling mode)
      42. - improved automatic VLC path detection for use with 32-bit/64-bit dreamboxEDIT/VLC at the same time
      43. - improved manually set VLC path is now separately saved for 32-bit/64-bit VLC
      44. - fixed writing hidden/numbered markers (some invalid descriptions were written before)
      46. - added support for real hidden markers (#SERVICE 1:832:d:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:)
      47. - fixed autoexpand of provider bouquetlist when using create bouquet from context menu
      48. - fixed dreamboxEDIT installer, remove all files properly on uninstall
      50. - added support for editing of non-TS streaming services with full reference
      51. - added copying of existing service reference to an IPTV service (hold down CTRL while using drag&drop)
      52. - added rename of IPTV services to context menu
      53. - added automatic IPTV service name formating
      54. - added picon support for streaming services with full reference
      55. - added picon setting for using 4097_... service ref for filename (if needed)
      56. - added service type indicators (SD, HD, UHD, H.265, Radio, Data) in front of servicenames
      57. - added more filter options (SD, HD[H.265], UHD[H.265], DVB-T2)
      58. - added support for DVB-T2 (only cosmetic changes, older versions already work with DVB-T2)
      59. - added support for DVB-S2 modulations 16APSK and 32APSK
      60. - added support for multistream MIS/PLS (fully editable in satellites.xml editor, service details, transponder edit)
      61. - added playback of IPTV streams
      62. - added automatic replace of invalid polarization values (some satellites.xml use polarization L/R instead of 2/3)
      63. - added copyable service reference with colons to service details
      64. - added insert hidden marker to context menu (enable fastscan/hidden marker support first in options panel advanced)
      65. - added support for unknown services in userbouquets (includes former known subservices) (options panel advanced)
      66. - added experimental option to save lamedb5 format (OpenPLi)
      67. - added configurable buffer size for streaming player (options panel GUI)
      68. - updated streaming player
      69. Note: VLC 2.2.4 is recommended (32-bit only), any other version may or may not result in error messages
      70. - improved crypto icon (encrypted services) in front of servicenames
      71. - improved reading speed on userbouquet switch
      72. - improved picon resizing speed
      73. - improved marker visualization
      74. - improved Wine compatibility (Wine 1.8.3 recommended)
      75. - improved compatibility with "Parallels Desktop for Mac" coherence mode
      76. - dropped support for obsolete settings format 3
      77. - re-enabled the export of terrestrial services/bouquets in Excel readable format
      78. - fixed hiding of alternatives view after reading new lamedb
      79. - fixed removing alternatives if a service is removed from all bouquets
      80. - fixed user bouquet import with hidden markers
      81. - fixed rendering of disabled menu items
      82. - fixed memory exception when copying IPTV services from one dreamboxEDIT session to another one
      83. - many GUI improvements (including the new MetroUI standard skin)
      84. - language file updates, added missing ones to setup exe file
      85. - minor fixes
      86. - fixed dreamboxEDIT installer, now the registry is cleaned properly on uninstall again
      87. Note: before reporting any bugs, please try to uninstall first if you experience any issues
      88. if you experience any issues with the file open dialog, switch to the old style dialog (options panel general)
      90. - added service type 31 (HEVC digital television service) to TV defaults (options panel advanced)
      91. - added new filter option for H.265 services
      92. - fixed new AlterMetro 2016 skin
      94. - fixed update check
      96. - added support for non-TS streaming services with full reference
      97. - added new AlterMetro 2016 skin
      98. - added Latvian translation
      99. - forced old style path selection dialog for Wine
      100. - fixed multiple selections in bouquetlist
      101. - fixed paste of IPTV services from clipboard with full reference
      102. - OpenSSL security updates
      104. - improved hints placement
      105. - added Lithuanian translation
      106. - language file updates
      107. - OpenSSL security updates
      108. - updated IP stack
      110. - added support for AAC PID cache (PLi format)
      111. - added new Windows 10 skin
      112. - fixed service name alignment
      113. - fixed problems under Windows Vista introduced by the Windows security update KB3057839
      114. - OpenSSL security updates
      116. - fixed supported marker length with unicode characters
      117. - fixed configurable background color for transparent picons
      118. - improved hints timings
      119. - OpenSSL security updates
      120. - some GUI improvements
      121. - changed support email address
      123. - fixed update check
      124. - OpenSSL security updates
      125. - some GUI improvements
      126. - language file updates
      128. - fixed missing transponder parameters when comparing services
      129. - fixed missing package name UTF-8 conversion in hint details list
      130. - fixed integer error on namespace calculation
      132. - added renaming of bouquets with CTRL+R
      133. - fixed parsing of corrupted lamedb entries
      134. - fixed unicode issues when saving bouquetnames on some systems
      135. - improved Wine compatibility (Wine 1.6.2 recommended)
      136. - OpenSSL security updates
      137. - some GUI improvements
      138. - language file updates
      140. - fixed UTF-8 conversion errors on copy&paste of services/markers
      141. - some GUI improvements
      143. - fixed dreamboxEDIT 4.x.x.x profiles import on first clean startup
      144. - fixed minimizing bug on some systems
      146. - added full unicode support (cyrillic, greek, arabic, chinese, japanese and many more characters)
      147. - added IPv6 support (no telnet available, so some options are also disabled on IPv6)
      148. - added SSL/TLS support (HTTPS and FTPS [only explicit mode])
      149. - added support for data directory per profile with fallback to a global data directory
      150. - added support for streaming services with URL length up to 1000 characters
      151. - added support for new PID cache format (AAC, HE-AAC and AC3+) (DMM and PLi format)
      152. - added support for fastscan / hidden markers (#SERVICE 1:320:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:) (options panel advanced)
      153. - added new filter options for HD and SD (H.264) services
      154. - added parental control file (blacklist/whitelist) reload on service list reload (mode=4)
      155. - added configurable font size for main window lists
      156. - added support for manually added flags to lamedb with length of 1 byte
      157. - added support for display of 50x30 and 220x132 picon size
      158. - added highspeed picon resizing algorithm
      159. - added configurable skin brightness
      160. - added options for hiding toolbar and statusbar
      161. - added completly new video tutorials
      162. - added fullscreen video streaming
      163. Note: VLC 2.1.3 is recommended, any other version may or may not result in error messages
      164. - added EPG for currently streamed service
      165. - fixed missing mode=3 (satellites.xml) on auto reload
      166. - fixed error after editing cable transponder data
      167. - improved Wine compatibility (runs on Linux and Mac)
      168. - improved FTP up-/download speed
      169. - general GUI speed improvements
      170. - language file updates
      171. - minor fixes
      172. - code cleanup
      174. - fixed UTF-8 conversion problem on FTP download
      176. - fixed compatibility issues with invalid bouquet files created by Dreamset
      178. - fixed compatibility issues with latest DMM changes
      180. - fixed non-working saturation and hue trackbar in color scheme options
      182. - fixed some window scaling issues
      183. - fixed some wine issues
      185. - fixed window maximizing bug on startup
      187. - added assign and remove of picons in main service list
      188. - fixed color issues in compare dialog
      189. - fixed zapping on Enigma1 boxes
      190. - added new skin: Office 2013 Blue
      192. - added transponder (satellites.xml) reload on service list reload
      193. - fixed bouquetnames are now also written in UTF-8 on export
      194. - fixed usage of profile picon path in service details
      195. - added new skins: AlterMetro, GPlus
      196. - some minor fixes
      198. - added support for extended session-based security (WebInterface 1.7.4 and higher)
      199. - added support for simple anti-hijack measures (WebInterface 1.7.3 and higher)
      200. - added new error message when using picon cleanup function and an invalid filename was detected
      201. - added paste from clipboard (E2 settings format), just copy&paste streaming services to your userbouquets
      202. - fixed service type display issue
      203. - fixed some localisation issues with cyrillic letters
      204. - some language file updates
      206. - fixed duplicate service detection for streaming services
      207. - fixed support for streaming services with full reference and missing #DESCRIPTION
      208. - fixed function clear "N" and "X" flags for selected services(s) in context menu
      209. - fixed function toggle parental lock in context menu
      210. - fixed function set keep flag in context menu
      211. - fixed filter for "only new" services, some services were missing if other flags were set
      212. - compare window state is now saved
      213. - some minor fixes
      215. - added parental lock for streaming services (hope I didn't break anything with that change)
      216. - added support for streaming services with missing #DESCRIPTION line in userbouquet files
      217. - added streaming services to the userbouquet import function
      218. - added automatic streaming URL conversion for "StreamingStar's URL Helper" format
      219. - added ZAP to service before streaming to the streaming options panel (useful for single tuner receivers)
      220. - changed VLC streaming behaviour, VLC is disabled by default now, activate it in the streaming options panel
      221. Note: VLC 2.0.4 is recommended, any other version may or may not result in error messages
      222. the VLC installation directory set in the options panel is now used first and
      223. the automatically detected installation directory of VLC from the registry is used afterwards
      224. - fixed error message when clearing all "N" and "X" flags while using filter "only new"
      225. - fixed error message when clearing all parental locks while using filter "only locked"
      226. - some minor fixes
      228. - fixed error message in empty bouquet area when opening the context menu
      229. - some language file updates
      231. - fixed picon upload
      233. - added support for streaming services (non TS based IPTV/Radio services) in userbouquets
      234. - added menu for adding/editing of streaming services
      235. - added video streaming support for all box types
      236. - added new filter options for only new and only locked services
      237. - added option to re-enable the old style path selection dialog
      238. - added configurable local picons path per profile, if no path is defined the global local picon path is used
      239. - added deletion of temporary after picon upload
      240. - added new skins: Deep, iOS dark, MacOS2, Mint, NextAlpha, Subway, Toxic, Windows 8, WMP 2008, Zest
      241. - added fix for the missing context menu in edit boxes
      242. - added new hints (no more flickering)
      243. - re-enabled the export of cable services/bouquets in Excel readable format
      244. Note: re-import of cable services/bouquets is not possible, all cable services will be skipped on re-import
      245. - fixed path selection dialog translation
      246. - fixed timeout issue with enabled active service/volume control/signal strength display
      247. - fixed error message while creating bouquet for one satellite
      248. - fixed error when sorting cable and terrestrial services in the compare window
      249. - some minor fixes
      251. - added configurable background color for transparent picons
      252. - added transliteration support for cyrillic letters (only russian)
      253. - added transliteration support for greek letters
      254. - added option to enable/disable transliteration
      255. - fixed some problems with very long servicenames
      257. - added new hints in main list, now with bouquet references
      258. - fixed application closing after canceling
      259. - fixed error message after dropping service on current bouquet
      260. - fixed main service list refresh after selection of another bouquet
      262. - changed QuickFTP buttons to avoid further confusions
      263. - fixed hiding QuickFTP buttons if disabled in options
      264. - some minor fixes
      266. - fixed streaming for WebInterface 1.7.0 and higher
      268. - fixed compatibility problems when running dreamboxEDIT under wine
      269. Note: skinning support is automatically disabled, Wine 1.3.34 or higher is mandatory
      270. - some language file updates
      272. - added completly new GUI with skinning support
      273. - added transparency to crypto icon in main service list
      274. - added transparency to dummy picon in bouquet panel
      275. - added configurable color marker for selected services
      276. - added proper handling of renamed alternatives
      277. - added warning message if multibouquet is disabled on your dreambox
      278. - added signal strength indicator
      279. - fixed renumbering channel numbers after using "sort alphabetically" from context menu
      280. - fixed when sorting by frequency now also sorting by polarisation is applied
      281. - fixed problem with missing objects (service counter, profile selection)
      282. - fixed cut&paste services with alternatives
      283. - fixed saving of current profile when options panel is closed
      284. - integrated language tool (Help -> Language Tool)
      285. - removed LanguageTool.exe from installation package
      286. - removed outdated help files
      287. - language files updated
      288. - some minor fixes
      289. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      290. The the following features are only supported on genuine Dreamboxes with Enigma2-Images based on Release 3.2 or higher
      291. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      292. - full support for filtering of encrpyted services is now enabled
      293. - full support for streaming services in userbouquets
      294. - added video streaming support
      295. Note: VLC 1.1.11 or higher is required, the installation directory is detected automatically, if you are using
      296. a portable version set the VLC installation directory in the options panel.
      297. - added support for taking snapshots of currently played stream
      299. - fixed problem with profile selection in options panel
      300. - fixed missing parameters for cable settings after Enigma1->Enimga2 conversion
      302. - added crypto icon in main service list if service is encrypted (Note: this is only working properly on future Enigma2 Images)
      303. - added filter for encrypted and unencrypted services (Note: this is only working properly on future Enigma2 Images)
      304. - added copy service reference to clipboard option to context menu of main service list and bouquet panel
      305. - added a info window with some informations about the new filtering behaviour
      306. - fixed error message when using picon cleanup function and filename wasn't using proper picon reference format
      307. - fixed error message when using add new service option in context menu
      308. - fixed application hanging when parsing lamedb with corrupted transponder entry
      309. - fixed problems after adding new services, the services weren't covered by the filters
      310. - some minor fixes
      311. - language files updated
      313. - fixed userbouquets with renamed services are now written in proper settings-type 4 format
      314. - fixed problem when saving cable or terrestrial settings (some parameters were lost)
      315. - language files updated
      317. - fixed alternatives filename generation
      318. - fixed error message after opening Enigma1 settings
      319. - fixed total service counter was overlapped by displayed service counter after startup without settings
      320. - language files updated
      322. - fixed sorting services in bouquet panel was broken after adding channel numbers to the bouquet panel
      323. - fixed error when sorting bouquets with cable and terrestrial services
      324. - fixed some other functions were also broken after adding channel numbers to the bouquet panel
      325. - fixed hour glass didn't get away after loading new settings
      326. - fixed error message when using picon cleanup function and filename wasn't using proper picon reference format
      327. - fixed alternatives are no longer considered as duplicates of fixed services in the same user bouquet
      328. - fixed alternatives handling, now you can use the same service with and without alternatives in one user bouquet
      329. - fixed blacklist entry for radio user bouquets
      330. - fixed all files are now written in proper settings-type 4 format
      331. - fixed auto insert markers for cable and terrestrial services
      332. - added Enigma2 restart button to ftp window, use this button to activate any changes related to lamedb and/or black-/whitelist
      333. use the autoreload or "reload settings on dreambox" button if you only change your userbouquets
      334. - added sorting of profiles in options panel
      335. - changed satellites in filter combobox are now sorted by position from west to east
      336. - changed profile default paths to enigma2 defaults
      337. - window state is now saved on application close, and restored when application is started
      338. - some minor fixes
      339. - language files updated
      341. - code migration to Delphi 2007, for later unicode support
      342. - removed XP visual styles (there were some problems after migration to Delphi 2007)
      343. - added theming for some components
      344. - added channel numbers in bouquet panel
      345. - added new hints in main list and bouquet details, now with picon and service reference
      346. - added option to assign and remove picons
      347. - added cleanup function for local picon directory (which removes all unused picons) to tools menu
      348. - added option for automatic picon upload to FTP window (Note: unzip command on your dreambox is required)
      349. - added configurable per profile picon path to options panel
      350. - added quick profile selection in statusbar
      351. - added enhanced filter expressions (SQL style):
      352. use % as substitute for zero or more characters (e.g. %sky% shows all channels with "sky" in name),
      353. use _ as substitute for exactly one character (e.g. _sky_ in package filter shows channels of provider "BSkyB")
      354. use as escape character (e.g. %%% shows all channels with "%" in name)
      355. if you don't use above filter characters the filters will only show exact matches
      356. - changed TV service types defaults (now including HDTV service types)
      357. - fixed error message when saving alternatives bouquet with parental lock
      358. - fixed error message after reading radio service alternatives
      359. - fixed bouquet change is now disabled while picons are loading to prevent errors
      360. - fixed alternative service names are now written in UTF-8 instead of ANSI
      361. - fixed alternatives are now deleted if service is removed from main service list
      362. - fixed alternatives are now handled for each user bouquet seperately
      363. - fixed translation problem in alternatives panel
      364. - fixed problem with incorrect filename if you tried to add alternatives for a data service, adding alternatives
      365. for data channels is not allowed, please set proper service types in advanced options first
      366. - fixed keep filters when adding alternatives for a service
      367. - fixed missing picons when using cut&paste or drag&drop
      368. - fixed display of proper bouquet name when bouquet has been renamed
      369. - fixed display of picons when adding services to an empty bouquet
      370. - removed "input selection" in main service list as it didn't work as expected
      372. - fixed total service counter was overlapped by displayed service counter if bouquet panel size was changed
      373. - fixed application hung if you tried to drag&drop a service in user bouquet to the same position
      374. - fixed flickering hint in details list
      375. - fixed sorting of alternatives is now possible, first service in row is the primary service
      376. - fixed some missing translations
      377. - changed algorithm for generation of alternatives filename
      378. - changed to a good quality picon resizing algorithm
      379. - added picon size 40x30 (downsizing for 71x53 and 70x53) and 40x24 (downsizing for 100x60) in options panel,
      380. 40x30 is the default size now, all picons are resized to this size for smaller picons in details list,
      381. if you like to see the picons in its original size just select the proper size in options panel
      383. - fixed problem with bouquet selection panel
      384. - added selectable picon format (100x60, 71x53, 70x53)
      385. - added autoresize for picons if format doesn't match selection
      386. - now uses another library for picons to speedup picon loading
      388. - fixed problem when using cut and paste with cable or terrestrial services
      389. - fixed cut and paste which filled empty fields with 0
      390. - fixed compare function, the internal service counter wasn't reset when the operation was canceled
      391. - fixed a problem when option "show all service details in the services list" was disabled
      392. - fixed error message when rolloff or pilot is missing in lamedb for DVB-S2 transponders
      393. - fixed namespace calculation for Enigma2
      394. - fixed error message in details and transponder edit window with Enigma1 settings
      395. - fixed and which are now written in proper settings-type 4 format
      396. - disabled renaming of markers, use the edit marker text option in context menu
      397. - improved satellites.xml update
      398. - added full Engima2 alternatives support
      399. - added option "Don't save backup files" (this option will also remove existing backups from save directory)
      400. - added cleanup function for save directory which removes all unneeded files
      401. - added display of reference picons (format 71x53) in bouquets and in service details window
      402. - added option to enable/disable picons in bouquets panel
      404. - DVB-C symbolrate is now displayed in main window
      405. - all frequencies in the main window are now displayed in MHz
      406. - all symbolrates in the main window are now displayed in well known formats
      407. e.g. for satellite 27500 instead of 27500000, for cable 6900 instead of 6900000
      408. - added support for "new channel" flag of your dreambox (flag can be set or removed in service details)
      409. Note: There are two different new channel flags
      410. the first the one is the old "New" flag (now "X") which is set when using "Mark services not in Userbouquets with X"
      411. option in context menu
      412. the second one is the "N" flag which is set by your dreambox when a new channel is found by the service scan
      413. - added option to remove all "N" and "X" flags in tools menu
      414. - changed option in context menu to remove "N" and "X" flags from selected services
      415. - fixed problems when using the compare functions
      416. - fixed problem with missing DVB-system and modulation when using cut and paste
      417. - fixed problem when removing empty markers
      418. - added support for parameter c:09 (subtitle) for Enigma1
      419. - finally fixed missing scrollbar issue
      421. - added DVB-S2 transponder data editing
      422. - added DVB-S2 export/import
      423. - added support for circular polarisation
      424. - fixed re-import of exported services and bouquet files
      425. - fixed export of renamed services
      426. - fixed satellites.xml update function
      427. - fixed some missing translations
      428. - language files updated
      429. - code cleanup
      431. - fixed problem with user bouquet import
      432. - support for Enigma2 user bouquet parental lock
      433. - small GUI fixes
      435. - after changing service type to TV, the text still showed the old service type
      436. - fixed wrong bouquet type flag for radio bouquets
      437. - filter for DVB-S/DVB-S2 added
      439. - automatic renaming of invalid bouquets on Enigma2->Enigma1 conversion
      440. - support for Enigma2 alternative services (only download/upload)
      441. - added confirmation question before modification of satellites.xml
      442. - display of currently active service is now disabled by default, but can be enabled in options panel
      443. (Note: if you experience any problems when running DreamBoxEdit and your Dreambox is offline, just disable that option again)
      445. - fix for satellites.xml with twisted parameters
      446. - fixed gui for low resolutions
      447. - some language file updates
      449. - fixed problem with FTP mode, Quick FTP commands were sent
      450. - fixed problem with Quick FTP mode, now standard reload command is sent instead of killall -9 enigma2
      451. - fixed problem with directory selection window, now it always jumps to the last used directory
      452. - small GUI changes
      454. - fixed overlapping text in translated popup menus
      455. - fixed some not translated shortcuts in popup menus
      456. - fixed language files
      457. - fixed error message when uploading settings without opening them before
      458. - another network timeout fix
      459. - option to deactivate automatic display of currently active service and volume control
      460. - optional use of the old window style, if you remove/rename DreamBoxEdit.exe.manifest from install folder
      461. - improved satellites.xml editor, now fully functional editing for enigma2 and synchronisation with loaded settings
      463. - fixed network timeout issue when IP address is not reachable
      464. - fixed editing and saving of negative AC3 and PCM delays
      465. (note: you have to delete all extra parameters in the detail panel if you have entered any delay values before)
      466. - fixed error message after saving and opening new settings
      467. - added customizable row color
      468. - new window and button styles
      469. - all message dialog buttons were german, message dialogs can't be translated, changed locale to English
      471. - added display of currently active service on your dreambox (enigma2 only)
      472. - added volume control (enigma2 only)
      473. - added malti language file, other language files updated
      474. - fixed error message when comparing loaded services with services on dreambox/disk
      475. - added button for special services (service types 130, 133 and 211) in the options panel
      476. (you need a patched to make this channels visible on Enigma2)
      477. - added service type 10 to standard radio types
      478. - small GUI changes
      480. - disabled SatcoDX import/export as this feature is deprecated, website of SatcoDX is down
      481. - improved servicename filter, now it matches all services, the old one missed some (e.g. RTL Television on 19.2°E)
      482. - sorting of columns with drag&drop is now possible (no saving at the moment)
      483. - fixed update check
      484. - added column for DVB-system
      485. - added column for modulation (now it's possible to remove all DVB-S2 transponders after conversion from E2 to E1 very easily)
      487. - removed settings-type 3 from options panel (no longer needed all E2-Boxes working with settings-type 4)
      488. - added button with terrestrial path settings (E1) to options panel
      489. - fixed settings-type switching via menu -> tools -> toggle between version 2 and 4 settings
      490. - added language files (crnogorski, czech, dansk, espanol, francais, greek, hrvatski, italiano, magyar,
      491. nederlands, norsk, polish, russian, srpski, svenska, turkce, ukrainian)
      492. - added language tool for translations (you can find it in the installation folder),
      493. please send me your language file updates on the support forum, thanks!
      495. - fixed error message after enigma2 settings reload
      496. - servicename filter added
      498. - fixed scrollbar issue
      500. - restored zap function for enigma2
      501. - changed menu bar icons
      503. - fixed FEC values for DVB-S/DVB-S2 modes
      504. - restored satellites.xml editor function
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    • Jo kann man machen, klappte in den anderen Boards aber auch so eigentlich. Der Titel war bisher überall gleich. ;)
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    • Clemens wrote:

      Bis du der (alleinige) Entwickler vom Programm?

      Ja schon einige Jahre... D:
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    • Noch ne Frage ,
      ich hab bei den Favoriten noch ein 2. Bouquet drin wo Sender mit Nummer ab 124 drin sind . Ich kann dort keine Sender hinverschieben die kleinere Nummern haben , so 1..2..3. usw .
      Wenn ich das lösche ist es nach einem Neustart der Box wieder da . Könnte dies mein Problem verursachen ?
      Wo liegen die Dateien ? in \etc\enigma2\.... ?
      Welches Verzeichniss muss ich putzen damit alle Reste aller Favoriten und Bouquets wirklich weg sin ?

      mfg. Jürgen
    • Eigentlich nicht, aber irgendwie scheint es Probleme mit dem Fenster maximieren zu geben.
      Hast du zufällig auch das Fenster maximiert?
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    • @dhwz2001

      Ich hatte 5.3.1 installiert und Probleme mit der Darstellung (Fenster maximiert).

      Mit der Version sieht alles perfekt aus. :337:

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    • Mit den beiden letzten Versionen ( und habe ich das Phänomen, das meine Bouquets, die auf der Box direkt geändert habe (in 2 versch. Bouquets jeweils 1-2 Sender hinzugefügt), nicht mehr korrekt importiert werden.

      Das habe ich dadurch behoben, das ich das lokale Verzeichnis manuell gelöscht habe. Gibt es da auch einen alternativen/besseren Weg?
      ACHTUNG!!!! Hier folgt eine Signatur:

      Die Benutzung der Suche ist NICHT verboten! D:

      "Hilfe!!!" ist kein sinnvoller Titel für einen neuen Thread, ebensowenig "VU+Zero" oder vergleichbares.

      Keine Hilfe ohne ausgefülltes Profil!
      Kein Netzwerksupport bei manueller IP-Adress-Vergabe :-)
      Kein Support bei portforwardings/ Portfreigaben
    • Was meinst du mit nicht mehr korrekt importiert? Gab es eine Fehlermeldung?
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    • Nein, keine Fehlermeldung.
      Ich habe gestern direkt auf der Box einen Kanal meinem persönlichen Bouquet hinzugefügt, die Gui neugestartet und den Kanal dort wiedergefunden, wo icvh ihn einsortiert habe. Heute wollte ich die Settings mit DreamboixEdit lokal auf dem Notebook sichern und hab zufällig gesehen, das der Kanal in meinem Bouquet nicht in DreamboxEdit angezeigt wird.
      Daraufhin habe ich den Import von der Box merhfach durchgeführt, ohne Verbesserung. erst nachdem ich die lokal gespeicherten Dateien gelöscht und die Bouquets etc. neu eingelesen habe, wurde mir meine manuelle Änderung auch im Programm angezeigt.
      ACHTUNG!!!! Hier folgt eine Signatur:

      Die Benutzung der Suche ist NICHT verboten! D:

      "Hilfe!!!" ist kein sinnvoller Titel für einen neuen Thread, ebensowenig "VU+Zero" oder vergleichbares.

      Keine Hilfe ohne ausgefülltes Profil!
      Kein Netzwerksupport bei manueller IP-Adress-Vergabe :-)
      Kein Support bei portforwardings/ Portfreigaben
    • DremboxEdit meldet keine Rückmeldung

      DremboxEdit meldet keine Rückmeldung

      Hallo Leute

      Hab das Problem Hab ne Vu+solo2 ...verbindung ist da wenn ich auf settings dateien zur Dreambox senden gehe kommt irgendwann die fehlermeldung vom editor "keine Rückmeldung"

      Kann mir da jemand helfen hab schon alles probiert ...
      unter Windows 7 Ultimate

      • vu+.jpg

        (86.91 kB, downloaded 424 times, last: )

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    • IP Verbindung getestet in den Einstellungen?

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    • ja klar das erste was ich eingestellt hab ...

      verbindungstest ok senden auf die Vu+ absturz (keine rückmeldung ) von der Box auf Editor geht ...

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