Behavior of 0 key in PiP-mode

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    • Behavior of 0 key in PiP-mode

      plnick wrote:

      Alex-755 wrote:

      If the settings menu I choose the "Behavior of 0 key in PiP-mode" to "stop PiP", then pressing "0" (to close the PIP window) my box (VU+ Ultimo) restarts.
      Crash-Log attached.
      Could you fix it , please?

      I can not reproduce it, please can you describe what you have done before it crashes

      With the default (recent to date) image I have installed only two additional plugins: 1. "Ai.HD Mod by Pich" and 2. "mgcamd_1.35".

      The algorithm for reproducing the bug is:

      1. I press the button "CHANNEL +" on the RC
      2. I press the "Menu"
      3. Choose the item "Activate Picture in Picture"
      4. I press "0" button on the remote
      5. I get a crash

      I tried this algorithm with skin "Ai.HD Mod by Pich", and skin "AtileHD", but in both cases I get a crash (logs attached).