Problemen setup CoolTV Guide

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    • Problemen setup CoolTV Guide


      Als ik probeer CoolTV guide in te stellen krijg ik het groene scherm en start de Solo opnieuw op.

      In bijlage het crash file, weet iemand wat hier misgaat en hoe het op te lossen is?


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    • RE: Problemen setup CoolTV Guide


      most of those issues come up if using 3rd Party Skins that have not been adjusted to work with the latest coolTV Releases.

      You should try the builtin Skin VTI Series, restart & then retry your Setup.
      The crashlog contains a lot of error parsing XML...

      Nit alles wat en Loch hät is kapott!
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      Sorry, I don't speak Nederlands, but can read it; your Solo runs out of RAM. Have you already performed the latest online update? There was a fix for low memory situations. Please read the announcement before you do. If that doesn't help, you should install a swap file on an USB stick.