Box not recognizing tuners

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    • Box not recognizing tuners

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      Tuners fail
      Hi all
      My ultimo suddenly lost all three tuners ( 2 sat and 1 dtt). Tuner config is showing tuner dummy (not supported)
      Tried to re install new image and re positioned the pnp tuners. Receiver stops responding when trying to setup the tuners. When i try to restart dummy tuner returns
      Any help is welcome
      Thanks in advance
      PS i'm using the latest blackhole image at the moment but image does not seem to matter
      I love my VU+ DuO
      I love my VU+ DuO

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    • Thanks for your reply and yes i did but as i said before when i try to set the tuner it goes into a loop and does not respond. Then i swicth off the box from the rear on/off button and box returns the dummy tuner not supported
      Anyway now i sent it back from where i bought it
      I love my VU+ DuO