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    • I'm not able to store the EPG data on the USB stick. With the latest VTI image I'm running into problems that the USB stick cannot be selected as storage location in the CrossEPG config window. The USB stick is correctly mounted using the device manager.

      I deleted the cross EPG plugin and did a fresh install from the feed. No change. It seems that the the precense of a rw mounted USB stick (I checked this) is somehow bot picked up.

      With VTI 4.1 (running the same version of the Cross EPG plugin I had no issues at all. What changed in VTI 4.2.X and how can this problem be fixed?
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    • I have it just tested.
      1. USB-Stick formatted FAT32 as /media/usb in Device-Manager mountet.
      2. Configuration CrossEPG, selected USB.
      3. Reboot Box
      4. See and controll under VTI-Panel ->System Tools -> EPG the EPG Directory.
      It should be /autofs/sdb1/epg.dat.

      I hope that will help you.

      Best regard SweetMP4...

      Sorry for my bad english.
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