Vu+Ultimo recording problem

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    • Vu+Ultimo recording problem

      I've just upgraded from a Duo to an Ultimo using the exact same setup.

      I have a single fixed dish with a single output lnb with one cable connecting to Tuner A of the STB.

      The STB is configured so that Tuner B is looped through Tuner A.

      With the Duo when the box was recording I could watch any other channel on the same polarity (not just the same transponder).

      With the Ultimo, even though all the channels on the same polarity are highlighted the STB reports zero signal and obviously the will not display the channel. The Ultimo will only allow channels on the same transponder.

      I've tried different images and the STB experiences the same problem.

      I know that a dual output LNB and two cables is ideal but it's not all that necessary here as almost all channels are on Horizontal.

      It worked fine with the Duo.......does anyone else have similar experiences?