Original Vu+ Uno Image Ver 7.0 Release

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    • Original Vu+ Uno Image Ver 7.0 Release

      Original Vu+ Uno Image Ver 7.0 Release

      Ver 7.0 Release note

      Open Embedded
      - code.vuplus.com/gitweb/?p=vupl…;h=refs/heads/vuplus-1.6k

      Driver update
      - Fix HDMI CEC problem(wakeup from standby)
      - Reduce zapping noise in some A/V Receiver
      - Fix Recording/Playback problem
      - Fix High bitrate tuning problem(Uno, MUST Need a FPGA update, archive.vuplus.com/download/fpga/vuuno/4.4/)
      - Improve media playback
      - Fix skip problem in media playback
      - Change temperature calculation algorithm.(uno, ultimo)
      - Change the lowest FAN speed(ultimo)
      - Fix incorrect keycode in the remote control(ultimo)
      - Add interface to control VFD in the application(ultimo)

      - Fix video problem(at 20111114)

      20111222(Needs Image update)
      - Switch to kernel 3.1.1
      - Improve recording(reduce load)
      - Improve vtuner performance
      - Support german remote keyboard(ultimo)

      - Add security enhancement
      - Reduce FPGA update time(uno, ultimo)
      - Improve recording

      - fix 3d setup in MODE1
      - fix ui position setup problem

      - Fix recording problem

      - Add interface to check genuine box
      - Fix recording stop problem.

      - Fix some DVB-CI modules recognition problem

      - clean up and speed up dmx driver

      Beide Versionen (USB & nfi) in der Database ;)