skin selection

    • skin selection

      using vti0.7 and downloaded a few skins to test out.
      from the menu i go to to the skin selection, but although i have 2-3 skins downloaded, only the 750S and default skin are shown as available in the list.
      How can I enable the other skins?

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    • how did you download them? Did you use the VTI Panel or download from the skins section? if you downloaded from the VTI panel they should be listed under skins. If they are not. Try and download them again and restart Enigma2.

      If you downloaded from skin section then you need to put them into /tmp and then login via telnet and type ipkg install /tmp/*.ipk
    • I downloaded them from vti panel and did restart the box to be sure.
      Still they are not shown in the skin list, although i find them in the relevant directories when i telnet to the box.
      Does it have to do anything with the fact that i am using Barry Allen and vti0.7 is run from the usb stick?
    • VTI 0.7 on usb stick is not supported!
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