Help Me Pleeeeeeese

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    • Help Me Pleeeeeeese

      Iam using Vu+ Duo box with black hole image 1.6.6 , my box is immediately crashes every time when using subtitle player v 3.09 , before it was working fine , i attached my crash log file , please DONT ignore my post and help me because i am using this addon frequently.Thank you in advance

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    • RE: Help Me Pleeeeeeese

      in many new images these plugins used previously need adaptation / changes from the developer of those plugins
      1) the deveolper should be addressed
      2) the installation of plugins should only proceed when such compatibility is acknowledged
      3) the blackhole image is not our forum spin off thus you depend on forum members who use blackhole

      thus shouting (i edited your large font) is unappropriate

      deinstall that plugin and search for an update
      or search for the developer who should be informed such needs adaptation to function in newer images.

      aus Deutschland raus weil dort wird man unterbezahlt