Dream Elite Vu+ Duo BH 1.0M Multiboot

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  • Dream Elite Vu+ Duo BH 1.0M Multiboot

    Dream Elite Vu+ Duo BH 1.0M Multiboot

    This is an image update of Dream Elite Black Hole 1.0 VU+ Duo

    2) MeBoot new version 0.95xVuDuo
    3) MeoBoot fixed remote control sometimes not working after image startup
    4) MeoBoot fixed usb format devices list
    5) Image: fixed USB lost in reboot
    6) Image: fixed swapfile autoactive at reboot
    7) Added videomode
    8) Added positionersetup
    9) Added satfinder
    10) Added networkwizard
    11) Added Common Interface Assignment
    12) Added DVDPlayer
    13) Added Mytube
    14) Army Base HD skin Updated
    [SIZE=5]Warning: this image cannot be installed in multiboot because this image have a patched kernel for wireless support. This image have to be installed in flash to work properly.
    Dream Elite team will not support images not installed in flash.

    [SIZE=5]This Images doesn't contain any ke
    DM 8000, DM 500HD, DM 7000, QBOX1, VU+ DUO