AAF Enigma2 Summer Image Vu+ Solo

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    • AAF Enigma2 Summer Image Vu+ Solo

      add last git changes of VUPLUS:

      Wed Aug 10 19:11:51 2011 +0900

      fix bug on plugins.

      Wed Aug 10 18:00:17 2011 +0900

      Merge branch 'vuplus-1.6' of into vuplus-1.6

      AAF Enigma2 Summer Image VU+:
      - revert NoGfx to original resolution
      - fix secondinfobar for cccam2.1.4 (ecm info is shown but ecmtime=0msec)
      - new bootlogo
      - new release ipk link
      - default show secondinfobar (default skin = DMConcinnity-HD)
      - NoGfx skin some changes ( wizards, res=1280x720 )
      - Fixed WLAN
      - Removed Mytube
      - add SecondInfoBar for default skin and NoGfx
      - fix NoGfx skin some screens
      - fix GS in light_3D skin
      - added Nogfx skin
      - fix bouquets/channelsettings

      Neu AAF Enigma2 Summer Image

      Ver 5.10 Release note

      Open Embedded

      - Update OE tree
      - Support blind scan(uno)
      - Add fancontrol Plugin(uno)
      - Add wireless usb drivers
      - Add WirelessLANSetup Plugin
      - Support more media playback(uno)
      - For details, please take a loot at git log.

      Driver update

      - Fix frontend open failure
      - Support DDP passthrough on HDMI

      - Support DTS audio codec
      - Fix CI recognition problem when restart
      - Fix restart crash/delay problem


      + AAF-Panel
      + Volume Adjust with AC3 support
      + BlueKey Action (Default/Softcam/single EPG/multi EPG/graphic EPG/MyTube Player/AAF-Panel/other extension)
      + RedKey Action (Default/AAF-Panel)
      + GreenKey Action (open Plugin Browser when no subchannels)
      + Grab (credits to scope34 Vu+ Team)
      + default skin DMConcinnity-HD (credits to Mister-X)
      + light_3D skin
      + NoGfx skin
      + Addon-Manager V2.09
      + FanControl
      + WirelessLan
      + Upnp
      + Usb-Serial drivers (smargo and others)
      + Backup/Restore Image (credits to scope34 Vu+ Team)
      + webremote VU+ picture
      + Rytec EPG (update rytec.sources.xml to 10/04/2011)
      + Setup Infobar (autohide/epg/servicelist/secondinfobar)
      + YellowKey Action (Audio Selection/Default(Timeshift))
      + Graphicle AAF-Panel
      + CrossEPG V0.62
      + EasyMedia by Vali
      + Enabled MHW EPG
      + OpenVPN
      + AudioSync V1.2
      + Cool TV Guide V4.0.0 by Coolman
      + SundtekControlCenter
      + Updated Wlan support
      + Enhanced Movie Center 2.0.1 by Coolman & Swiss-MAD
      +Sofcam/Pluginpanel/AV Einstellungen im Webif (thx Bonkel)
      +WebBouquetEditor im Webif
      +Ecm Anzeige (thx black_64)

      Euer AAF Team

      beide Versionen in der DB zu finden ;)