Temporary hangs of STB

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    • Temporary hangs of STB


      I use VU+ Duo 4K with the newest VTY 15.0 code.

      I experience occasional hangs of system - TV emission freezes (or sometimes progresses), but no reaction to remote control and in the top left corner there is a moving bar (color squares) showing like system is occupied by any process. Once done, everything gets back to normal.

      These hangs last about 1-2 minutes or so, and happen few times a day.

      Any suggestion where I should look for the reasons for this misbehaviour of decoder?

    • This moving bar is the so called "spinner" (originally the graphic was a spinning picture...).

      The spinner appears when the box needs to access a resource which is not accessible.
      This usually in most cases is a network resource, e.g. a network server of an internet service is not available.

      You need to find out which network resource your box wants to access.

      The usual suspects are network file server or internet weather services...
    • Edit hgdo: unnötiges Direktzitat entfernt.

      I don't have any NAS mounted nor use weather plugin.

      'netstat -na' run on CLI didn' show any open connection.

      Any additional idea what to look at?

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    • As I said, it's most likely a network service which is not responding.
      You need to check if you have any plugins installed, which use network services.
      Candidates are weather, EPGshare, EPGimport... anything, which uses the network.
      Some skins or VFD skins contain elements which use internet services as well.

      You have to find, what it is...

      If you don't have any idea, you can enable the debug log in the VTI system settings.
      The log probably gives a hint what the box is waiting for.