Remain the image of the previous image

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    • Remain the image of the previous image

      Hello I installed the latest version of the vti image, but since I had installed the blackhole image before, when the blcckhole image is booted first, then the vti image is booted. How can I delete the blackhole image?
    • The box can't boot two different images.
      Or did you have multiboot installed on the box?
      In this case you need to get rid off all multiboot stuff.

      If you didn't use multiboot, I guess that there's just the old Blackhole Boot Logo still in place.
      Thus, the box correctly boots VTi, but still shows the old Boot Logo.

      The first boot logo can't simply be exchanged in the file system.
      It hast to be on the flash stick, when the image is flashed.

      So, if you can live with the wrong Boot Logo, you can just leave it as it is.
      If you'd like to have the correct VTi Boot Logo,