[Erledigt] NFI image vu + zero 4k

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  • [Erledigt] NFI image vu + zero 4k

    Hola amigos. Necesito una imagen NFI para desbloquear mi deco vu + zero 4k y no puedo encontrar esa imagen en ningún lado. ¿Podrías decirme dónde puedo descargarlo? Necesito instalar la imagen usando rs232. Gracias por el apoyo.

    Übersetzung hgdo:

    Hallo, Leute.

    Ich brauche ein NFI-Image, um meine Vu+ Zero 4k freizuschalten Ich kann dies Image nirgendwo finden. Können sie mir sagen, wo ich es herunterladen kann? Ich muss das Image mit RS232 installieren.
    Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung.

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  • The VU+Zero4K can only install images via USB or the JTAG interface... Serial loading is not supported. It's used for logging purposes only...
  • Sorry. I thought it was already translated. I did a wrong update and now the blackhole screen is starting. I don't know how to get it off right. I have tried many usb pen drives and there is no way. I have been told that through the rs232 rj12 port it could be recovered through an NFI image but I have only found it for only 4k and uno4k but not my zero4k. Do you know any solution? When starting it by usb it reads it but does not enter update mode. Thanks for your support
  • Just download the appropriate firmware file from here. Make sure you download it for the Zero4K. Prepare a small USB stick (format in FAT32). Unpack the firmware file DIRECTLY to your USB stick.
    Next check the directory structure. In the root of the USB stick you need to see 'vuplus'. In this directory 'zero4k' and in this directory the actual files...
    Since the VU+Zero4K does not have a display, you might place an empty file 'force.update' as well

    Turn off the VU+Zero4K completely, insert the USB stick and apply power to the Zero4K. Flashing should start automatically. The power LED should pulsate. If it blinks, the flashing is complete. Turn off the box again, remove the USB stick and reapply power...