VuPlus Duo4k OBH 4.4 box wakes up at 5am every day

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    • VuPlus Duo4k OBH 4.4 box wakes up at 5am every day

      Running OpenBlackHole 4.4.002 in a VuPlus Duo 4K

      I’ve had a really bad cold and cough (negative COVID test thankfully) for the last week and I slept in a reclining chair in my lounge where the TV and STB are located for the last two nights

      At a few minutes before 5am the last two nights (early Saturday and Sunday mornings) the VuPlus has switched itself on and via HDMI-CEC has turned on the connected AV amplifier/receiver.

      I’ve checked all the things I can think of which might be initiating activity on the box and none of them happen at 5am

      I have cron jobs that run at 6h,12h,18h,24h to download EPG data files and an ntp clock sync which runs at 30 mins past the hour

      Over the last few days there are no completed timers which have run before 6pm

      I have a daily backup of the image and of settings which both run daily at noon

      EPGImport runs at 18:28 daily

      There no power timers

      I can’t find any wake-on-LAN capability under network settings so I don’t think something else on the network can be waking it up

      The box does not wake up at any of the times when events listed above are started

      The AV Receiver has no schedule functionality so I’m certain it’s the Vu+ box waking up the AV receiver via HDMI-CEC and not the other way around

      Has anyone got any idea what might be causing this or any ideas what I might try to prevent this happening?