DUO 4K FBC - Jultec a2css switch + 4 Wideband LNBs

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    • DUO 4K FBC - Jultec a2css switch + 4 Wideband LNBs

      Sorry I don't speak German(understand a little) but I try to ask, maybe someone can help me. ;)

      I plan a future upgrade of my DUO 4K FBC to access 4 satellite positions simultaneously (without switching) via 1 cable(unicable) directly to the receiver.
      I have found Jultec A2CSS multiswitch JPS0901-8T which seems to be able to do that with 4 wideband LNBs.

      Edit hgdo: unzulässiger Link zu Fremdshop entfernt. Bitte Boardregeln beachten!

      My questions is whether this Jultec A2CSS model is supported by VU+ DUO 4K receiver?
      I haven't found this exact model in the tuner setup but there are many other Jultec models + some Unicable custom option.

      Is there someone who already uses this or similar Jultec A2CSS model? Do you think the configuration above could work as planned?

      I don't have experience with Unicable FBC configuration yet and don't want to make a mistake (buy incompatible expensive switch)... ?(
      Thank you in advance

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