VTi 14.0.6 | all Timers are deleted after the first timer has completed recording

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    • VTi 14.0.6 | all Timers are deleted after the first timer has completed recording

      Hi all,

      strange thing happens on my VU+ UNO4K SE,
      i set timers using the epg, the next day, only 1 recording is done and the rest of the timers are gone.
      i use latest vti 14.0.6.

      i see on the log lots of "broken startcode" messages.
      other thing i've noticed:
      • the dvbapp keep running continuously after the recording, i keep see request on the oscam log.

      • timers page on the VU+ Openwebinf shows gibberish on the listings for RTL languages like Hebrew & Arabic. on the old webinf, the timers listings appears fine for RTL languages
      • if i edit the timer the description & program doesn't appear, the first bouquet appears on the combo box instead of the correct one.

      • my settings on timers are set to record on time without extra before & after the program.
      • on timer settings, if you set an extra time for the timers, then when setting timers
      from the EPG for successive programs or overlapping programs on different channels,

      there's no check for overlapping and the timers causing conflict.

      log is attached
      • timer1.jpg

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      • timer3.jpg

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      • timer2.jpg

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      • timer4.jpg

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      • timer5.jpg

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    • If the box has not been restarted between programming of the timers and the crash the behavior is normal, because the file timers.xml has not been stored in the flash.
    • update,
      restarting after setting the timers doesn't solve the issue.
      just checked now and after one recording all the timers are gone.
      offcource i need the SQL database, else how could i browse the recordings on the VU+/ Kodi clients?
      it looks like there are lots of bugs on the VTI image with RTL languages.
      the program names & description are in Hebrew, i guess i'll change the epg to English before i give up and move to blackhole image which support Arabic perfectly.