Stuttering video, out of order frames.

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    • Stuttering video, out of order frames.


      I have a VU+ $K SE with the latest VTI image on it. From time to time, the image starts to stutter on recorded but also live broadcast. This is particularly visible in fast moving scenes and it looks like frames get swapped. So instead of frames 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 you get 2 1 4 3 6 5 8 7 or so. You can clearly see for example in something moving to the right quickly it moves, moves a bit back, moves quite a bit, moves back again and so forth. Anyone has seen this and can help me? The workaround now is rebooting the box which seems to fix it for some time.

    • Extremely difficult to diagnose externally... More info is needed..
      VU+Uno4Kse I presume? Running on the latest VTi 14.0.6?
      What reception? Cable, Satellite or IPTV and off-course legal or illegal? Do you have your own smartcard or something else?
    • Hi mimisiku,

      It`s indeed VU+Uno4Kse with 14.0.6. Reception is legal Ziggo cable with my own smartcard.

      After restarting the VU+ the problem goes away. It seems to have something to do with the HDMI cable and negotiation. The 'old' cable seemed to sometimes disconnect. After I`ve replaced it with a new one there are no more disconnections and the stuttering is no longer there.

      So for now we might give it a rest. If it reappears I`ll update this topic. Thanks!