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    • Service Scan Minimal

      Hello ,

      I changed a setting (ServiceScanMinimal) when looking for new channels on my ULTIMO 4K, and I want to return to normal mode (ServiceScan)and do not know how to change the mode (see images)
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      Vu+ Ultimo 4K ; 2x DVB-S NIM(45208 FBC) und DVB-T NIM(TT3L10) ; HDD 2T ; VTi 14.0.5 (2019-10-05-vti-master (5ede501b9))
      Vu+ Solo 4K ; 2x DVB-S NIM(7376 FBC) und DVB-T NIM(TT3L10 ; HDD 1T ;VTi 14.0.5 (2019-10-05-vti-master (5ede501b9))
      • Oscam WebInterface r11517
      Computer : OSX und Windows

      SAT 13E ; 28,2E ; 5W ; 9E

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