VU+ Zero 4K Moduł CAM CI+ Network ID problem

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    • VU+ Zero 4K Moduł CAM CI+ Network ID problem

      I have VU + Zero 4K with the CAM CI + module from polish Cable UPC. The system is the latest VTi.I got through most of the problems I had but one. When I turn on the decoder from deep standby, everything turns on correctly, but after a while the screen prompts me to enter the NETWORK ID. If I enter nothing or enter the correct NETWORK ID and click OK or EXIT, GUI reboots and prompts me again for NETWORK ID, if I click EXIT - everything works normally, so it does not affect the operation of the television itself.I would like to turn off the screen that appears with NETWORK ID for the CAM CI + module. It is possible?I remember that when I was playing with the OpenATV system, when I entered the NETWORK ID for the first time, there was a question whether to remember it permanently.The above NETWORK ID can also be entered by going to CONFIGURATION -> ACCESS MODULE, but after entering it and clicking ok, the GUI restarts and the screen prompts you to enter NETWORK ID again.Can anyone help me with this one?
    • Had exactly the same problem. UPC CI+ module with Nagra card. Must enter 5 digits (05555). Alas I can only enter 4 digits! I had to put the module in a certified TV, perform the authorisation there. After succesfull completion of the setup I put it back in the VU+ Zero 4K. The CI+ module did the authorisation again and does work since....
    • Have you tried to activate the CI+ in a certified TV?