DMConcinnity-HD-hardymod skin error

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    • DMConcinnity-HD-hardymod skin error

      Hi, I have Vu+ Duo 4k and VTI 14.0.5 image instaled. Using skin DMConcinnity-HD-hardymod but have very annoying problem.
      I receive error message {skin error] color orange is not awailable at used skin.
      Skin was instaled from vti software addon. At the beginnnig this error message was very rarely but now its all the time and sometimes blocking whole vu - have to restart manually.
      Anybody helps with this error? I like this skin much.
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    • I think the skin error comes from your VFD Skin.

      Try to change the VFD Skin, or copy the color-part (all from <colors> to </colors>) from your DMC-main-skin to the vfd skin (watch out not to use double color attributes!). Or set your own color name="orange" value in the VFD-Skin.

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    • Possibly the solution


      The solution is to add the missing configuration regarding the color orange to the skin file.

      Open the file /usr/share/enigma2/NAME OF YOUR SKINS/Skin.xml with an editor

      At the beginning of the file there are several lines starting with "<color name=". There you simply add the following line:

      <color name="orange" value="#00d74f2a" />

      It is also important to save the file and restart the GUI or the box for the change to take effect. Then the error should be fixed. If the default skin should appear again after booting, as it was the case with me, just select yours in the menu again.

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