[Closed] Upgrade - Which VU+ Receiver - Duo 4k or..?

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  • [Closed] Upgrade - Which VU+ Receiver - Duo 4k or..?

    Hello everyone, i hope you can help me.

    I have been thinking for a long time about which new receiver to buy but i still cannot decide which.
    My wife is not happy waiting for me to make a decision!

    I was thinking about the Ultimo 4k but i found out there are some video files that it will not play so i changed my mind.
    Now i am reading more information about the Duo 4k. Can i ask what is the difference between the Dup 4k and the UNO 4k SE?
    My family use the receiver a lot every day and we are looking to buy the receiver that offers the following:
    The best picture quality - a crisp HD picture (the Xtrend is very good with the picture quality)
    It must be fast to boot up - do you know how long it takes for these receivers to boot? and be fast to use when channel changing and plugin use.

    We will use the softcam CCcam 2.3.8 because i do not understand how to install and set up Oscam. It looks hard to do this.
    We also need the receiver that will work with iptv providers very good and not freeze or have breaking picture or any other issues.
    For iptv we use the JEDI enigma 2 M3U to Bouquet converter plugin.

    We will need it only for Multi Satellite and for the IPTV.
    We need the receiver to be able to play back video and audio files in the following formats:
    I am worried in case i choose a receeiver that will not play these films.
    Display Spoiler

    .mp4 file
    Format - MPEG-4
    Video Format - AVC
    Codec id - avc1
    Audio Format - AAC LC
    Codec id - MP4a

    Format - AVI
    Video format - MPEG-4 Visual
    Codec id - XVID
    Audio: AC-3

    Format - MPEG-4
    Video format - AVC
    Video codec - avc1
    Audio format - AAC LC
    codec id - mp4a

    Format - AVI
    Video - MPEG-4 Visual
    Codec ID - XVID
    Audio - AC-3

    .mkv file
    Format - Matroska
    Format version - Version 4
    Video ID - AVC
    Codec ID - V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC
    Audio - AC-3
    Codec id - A_AC3

    .vob file
    Format - MPEG-PS
    Video - MPEG Video
    Format version - Version 2
    Audio - AC-3

    .avi file
    Format - AVI
    Codec id - H264
    Audio - MPEG
    Audio Version 1
    Codec ID - MP3

    .avi file
    Format - AVI
    MPEG - 4
    Codec id - XVID
    Audio - MPEG Audio Version 1
    Codec id - MP3

    Format - AVI
    Format id - MPEG-4 Visual
    Codec id - DIVX
    Audio File - MPEG Audio
    Version 1

    .mp4 file
    Format - MPEG-4
    Video Format - AVC
    Codec id - avc1
    Audio Format - AAC LC
    Codec id - MP4a
    If this forum helps me to buy a new receiver this week for everything we will use it for then my family will be very happy at last!

    Thank you, in advance for any help!

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  • As i am unable to send a message directly to the Administrators or Moderators i would like to request this thread be removed please.
    I only posted on this forum in the hope that someone who owns a VU+ receiver would be able to advise whether the receivers are able to
    play the video formats that i have listed but there has been no feedback.

    I have since found out that there are some which will play on the Duo 4k but some that won't play and if i was to choose the Ultimo 4k there are some of the video formats the Duo 4 k won't play that the Ultimo 4k will but also some that the Ultimo 4k won't play that the Duo 4k will.
    Unfortunately, i am now having to look for a different brand of receiver.

    I would appreciate it.

    Thank you.