Script or pluggin to autoupdate host IP (inadyn) and frame rate video options

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    • Script or pluggin to autoupdate host IP (inadyn) and frame rate video options


      I have two questions about the last Vti:

      1-I use the receiver to do stream outside mi network, so I use a host (duckdns) to connect with mi network. I can not set my router/modem to do autoupdate when the IP changes (ZTE F680). I used on other images inadyn to do that, but I can not run inadyn on Vti..Do you know other form to autoupdate mi IP host (Duckdns) with the recerver? or other form?

      2-What is the correct/best video setting in order to display 4k HDR content? and for the display normal SAT chanels (1080p)).

      3- What is the difference between screen rate "Multi" and "Multi (50hz, 60hz, 24p). Now I have selected HDMI, 2160p, 10 bits, color space 420 and "multi" frame rate (if I use the other option, the image fail when the resolutions changes automaticali.

      Thanks in advance.

    • IIRC Multi only switches 50/60Hz, the other one adds 24Hz as well.
      If your TV does mot support other parameters than the selected, you are stuck with them.
      My LG OLED does support all of the options, but with TC broadcast only, it makes hardly any difference which one I choose.
      HDR works out of the box with the LG OLED, but many other makes & models re not that easy. Search the forum for the maker of your TV set and you might fund settings suitable for you.
      I do not use inadyn, but I think it is available in VTI as well.
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    • Good morning,

      So, in order to see films and the Sat tv channels, I need to select Multi (60, 50, 24p).

      By other hand, I have not find a lot of information about inadyn..:(. I will try to search again.