CI vs CI+

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    • Hi all

      I am planning on buying a VU+ Uno 4k SE DVB-C very soon. My cable broadcaster (Yousee in Denmark) has supplied me with CI+ CAM, but from various posts at this forum I can see that the box with CI+ CAM is only able to descramble one programme/recording at a time.

      Now and then the games with my favourite football teams are sent at the same time, so I would like to see one game and record the other. It looks like as long as all recordings are recorded encrypted, then I can record all the programmes I want (within the limit of the box of course) and watch a programme simultaneously.

      Is the one-descrambled-programme-at-a-time limitation also applicable with a CI CAM? Yousee is using Viaccess to decode the signal, but they do not require a CI+ CAM and various web shops are still providing CI CAMs at a reasonable price, so if I could get ride of the CI+ limitation I would prefer that.

      Thanks in advance for your help and please correct me if my understanding above is not correct.
    • Am I right you can remove your smartcard from the CI+ Module?
      Try to put it in an internal Reader (chip facing downwards), install Gbox in the CAM Center (Blue Button (VTI Panel) -> Cam Center), start it and if you are lucky it even works with softcam...
      If third party CI Modules work the chances are high it works just fine without Module, and you can then record as many channels as you want.

      I will also google a little if "Yousee" is known to run with softcams.

      EDIT according to the Oscam wiki cardlist the card works fine with Oscam (and probably also Gbox) -> So no need to use a Module at all or to use encrypted recording which get decrypted at a later point.
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    • Hi

      I have now bought the VU+ Uno 4k SE and installed the VTI 14.06 image and using Gbox softcam, which works perfectly.

      I only have a problem with my encrypted recordings, which is not viewable. I understand that the recordings should be descrambled in standby mode with no other activities. I always shut down to standby mode, but when I switch on the box the next day nothing has happened. The recordings are still encrypted.

      I have looked at many settings but i can't find the magic button.

      I have attached two screen dumps of the movie list, where it's the Premier League recording that bugs me. I have also attached a screen dump of the timer settings, which is the only settings i can find about descrambling. The PL recording is recorded on the fly and not timed in advance.

      What am I missing here? Please help as it is a bit frustrating not to get this to work.

      Thanks in advance for your support.
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    • Try deactivating encrypted recordings.
      Also remove the ci0.xml or ci1.xml via FTP if available in /etc/enigma2 and restart afterwards.
      If you have the CI module empty in the STB without the card, remove the module first.
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    • Sorry - but I simply can't find where to deactivate encrypted recordings.

      Is it a general setting?

      I can find something similar though at the timer editor "do not descramble record". Is this what you mean?
    • Thanks - that was actually my screen shot no 2 :thumbsup: .

      I assume that you mean I should deactivate "Never decrypt while recording CI services"? I had not paid enough attention to the ci services part :wall1:
    • Softcams are able to decrypt muitple channels at the same time, therefore recording encrypted makes no sense.
      CI+ Modules can only record 1 channel at the same time, decrypting afterwards allows to record multiple things at the same time.
      Normally even if the option is enabled this shouldn't happen when no module in in the STB (and when no ci0.xml/ci1.xml exists in /etc/enigma2)
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