Addition of multiswitch in unicable.xml

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    • Addition of multiswitch in unicable.xml


      If possible, I would like to ask you permanently add my multiswitch to unicable.xml. Currently, I have to add it back to unicable.xml after every update.

      Thank you in advance.

      <product name="IDLU-UWT110-CUO10-32P" format="JESS" positions="4" bootuptime="2500"
      scr1 ="1210" scr2 ="1420" scr3 ="1680" scr4 ="2040" scr5 ="984" scr6 ="1020" scr7 ="1056" scr8 ="1092"
      scr9 ="1128" scr10="1164" scr11="1256" scr12="1292" scr13="1328" scr14="1364" scr15="1458" scr16="1494"
      scr17="1530" scr18="1566" scr19="1602" scr20="1638" scr21="1716" scr22="1752" scr23="1788" scr24="1824"
      scr25="1860" scr26="1896" scr27="1932" scr28="1968" scr29="2004" scr30="2076" scr31="2112" scr32="2148"/>
    • pick up a Telnet connection with your VU + and enter the following command:chattr + i /usr/share/enigma2/unicable.xmlNow the unicable.xml is read-only.
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