tuner configuration

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    • tuner configuration

      Dear friend pls help me to configure tuners in my VUDO4K

      So -
      Vuduo4k with one double fbc
      3 sattelites 13,0 19,2, 23,5,
      3 quattro converters
      4 cables from the wall - of course only 2 used now

      All work in room where Vuduo2 is

      Vuduo 4K - not possible to have all sattelites at the time, if yes switching between transponders with huge lags,

      How to configure it? I dont want to change converters to Unicable.

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    • this is certainly the right one for you:Tunerkonfiguration Vu+ Duo 4K – Vu+ WIKI
      Niemand ist perfekt !