duo 4K delayed descrambling

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    • duo 4K delayed descrambling

      i apologize if this question is answered elsewhere on this forum, but i really tried with the help of google translator to find this information with no success.

      I plan to buy DUO 4K but i cant find any information on it decrypt 2 recordings in standby simultaneously or not
      The scenario , or the plan is to use 2 CI modules from different providers, eg. CI1 - Skylink 23.5E, CI2 - Slovak telekom 0.8W

      simple put : Is DUO 4K able to descramble 2 recordings simultaneously in standby ?

      Thank you
    • The dalyed decryption is executed only in Standby mode and only if the box is not active (i.e. no recording).

      The decryption can always just process one file at a time, so all recodings have to be decrypted step by step sequentially.
      Decryption is done in real-time, thus it takes as long as it would take to view the recording.

      If you have recordings with different encryptions, needing different CI modules, this should work, as long as the channels are correctly assigned to the CI modules.
    • thank you very much for replies guys.

      Im using UNO 4k with VTI, so i hoped that maybe duo (if the box itself can decrypt 2 channels at the same time (claimed by VU itself)) could do 2 files in delayed descrambling. : (

      So are you 100% positive that it can only do only 1 file at a time even with different CAIDs ?
      Is it the vti limitation ? driver should support that if im not mistaken.

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    • I think, it does not matter, what's the reason for this restriction. At least I don't know it.

      But as you were already told, only 1 decryption is possible. CAID does not matter.
    • duo 4K delayed descrambling

      Hey there, is there a way to force descrambling? My Uno4KSE does this kinda unsystematic. Sometimes it does, often just doesn’t. I have no control when and in which order this is done. I just made a test of serial sequence of recordings with some stops in between abs none of them got descrambled. How come?

      Seems like I have no control over this process.

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