Picons installeren

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    • Picons installeren


      Ik heb Picons op een USB sick gezet hoe krijg ik die in min VU+ Uno 4k SE ik kom er niet uit .
      Kan iemand mij de volgorde vertellen van installeren
      Zal U zeer dankbaar zijn

      Groetjes van Martin
    • I just can help in en or german,
      First of all, on UNO4kSE you don´t need USB stick cause the receiver got enough flash storage, the default folder for picons is, usr/share/enigma2/picon.
      If you like to read the picons anyway from usb stick, go to Menue/VTI/Gui settings and change the picon folder to your usb stick, after you can go to Menue/VTI/Settings for channellist and scroll down untill you can find "show picons in channellist" set the right size for your picons, scroll down one mor time and set the right folder again (for example /media/usb/picon)
      restart Box or restart GUI.
      Of course your usb stick should be mounted befor you you do all the settings above (VTI/device manager)
      good luck