Configuration unicable2, DiSEqC etc.

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    • Configuration unicable2, DiSEqC etc.


      I have a question regarding unicable configuration. Now I have 1 cable going from STB to antenna. I have diseqc with 13E (ports A & C), 19,2E (port B) and 0,8W (port D). I have recently bought unicable2 LNB with terrestial antenna passtrough. I would like to use it as a main (on 13E) and keep at least 19,2E somehow. Anybody knows, how to configure cables, diseqc or other switches to make this all work?

      Thanks a lot!
    • you can have more than one tuner in your Duo2. Do you have a single tuner or a dual tuner or two of them?
    • You need a second cable if you want to use the Unicable-LNB for Hotbird and a normal LNB for Astra

      Please change profil. It shows a Vu+ Duo²