Problems with HDD caddy height in Vu+ UNO 4k SE

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    • Problems with HDD caddy height in Vu+ UNO 4k SE

      I've a Vu+ UNO 4k SE and I wanted to plugin an internal HDD from Toshiba (mk1059gs) that has 12,5mm height. The hdd + caddy doesn't 'enters' in the slot with the caddy. It seems it has to be 9 or 7 mm maximum.

      I've seen that VU+ DUO 4K has a "bigger slot(15mm) enables the capacity up to 4TB." -->

      I would like to know if I will be able to use the VU+ DUO 4K HDD caddy to put a 12,5mm inches height HDD into my VU+ UNO 4K SE box.

      Will it fit the VU+DUO 4k caddy (<15mm) into VU+UNO 4K SE hdd slot (>9mm)
      Is it possible?
      where can i find the VU+DUO 4K caddy?


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    • You can also put the 12mm high HDD without the caddy directly into the frame of the uno4kse. It works and some people have done that.

      it is usefull to use some rubber to fix the hdd without the caddy inside the frame
    • Thanks, but It's like an odd job (botched job, really bad job) to put the HDD without the caddy, don't you think so? The hdd doesn't fit perfectly so the disk could be unpluged or damaged...
    • if have done it with a 15mm high HDD and it works perfectly. The HDD doesn‘t goto unpluged and works since 18 month in my box