Problems flashing Zero

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    • Problems flashing Zero

      Hi, I'm pretty new here, so forgive me if my questions are not gonna seem smart enough. anyway, I'm trying to flash 2 of my Zero boxes (currently there are VTI 8.3 installed on them). I have downloaded 13.0, and 14.0, in fact even 9.0 as well, but non of them does anything when I try to flash the boxes with them. they simply just boot up normally as if there were no USB connected at all. could anyone please help me?
    • thanks a lot for your reply. yes, sure I could, however I could solve the problem yesterday, during the night. the cause of problem was, that I formatted the stick and did the unzipping, copying on the very same mac as well.
      later I have installed a windows as a virtual machine, did the same exact process as I did on the mac before and so both of the boxes did the flashing flawlessly.

      I do have a new problem however: after the flashing (now the boxes run VTI 14.0.3) non of them can mount HDDs. they can't even partition them. they recognise that there is an HDD attached (all the details, like vendor, type, size are listed correctly), but they can not partition (initialise) it, and they can not mount it either (they actually shouldn't even partition (initialise) it, since the disk was initialised and formatted to ext4 by the same exact box, only with VTI 8.0.x image on it, I have just tried these step, since the box could'n mount the disk).