problem with The EPG and IPTV

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    • problem with The EPG and IPTV

      Hi to all

      I used the VTi image for a long time and was very happy with it until I decided to use IPTV, and for that I decided to use jedimakerxtream.

      Unfortunately I had nothing but problems attempting to get the EPG to install eventually giving up and changing over to the Openpli image, jedi and the EPG worked perfectly so did e2m3u2bouquet.

      After quite some time I decided to try VTI again so I did a fresh install of VTi14.0.3 to my Vu+ Ultimo 4k, but have had the same problem, for the EPG I use EPGImport but when I first installed it from the image I was unable to get any EPG to download, and had to install a new epg.xml file.

      So I have come to the conclusion that it’s the image were the problem lies, seeing that I don’t have a problem with other images but would really prefer to use VTi if a fix can be found?