Missing file in VTi image

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  • Missing file in VTi image

    When I been testing VTi image in my Ultimo 4K box I find message of hdd not installed when trying instant recording. Helps if I intall volatile-media.sh file to /etc/init.d directory. Having these lines:
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    mountpoint -q "/media" mount -t tmpfs -o size=64k tmpfs /media
    create_point() {
    if [ ! -d $2 ]
    mkdir -p $2
    grep -v "^#" /etc/fstab | grep "\s/media/" | while read LINE
    create_point $LINE
    if [ ! -e /dev/fuse ]
    modprobe fuse
    All other images including OpenPLi whith seems to be the one you follow have this file. Why not VTi?

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  • I think VTi doesn't care about Multiboot... And device manager works fine in flash... You can ask for improvements, but if so you need good arguments... Multiboot problems is an argument, but as far as I know the VTi team doesn't care about that. If your opinion is something is better somewhere else explain why with other arguments then Multiboot gives problems,then there is a chance something will happen.
    And if you like Vix more you can just use Vix...

    And avoid the words "they should do that", as in fact they can do what they want. Replace it by "they could maybe do that", and you chances of changes increase drastically
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    Bouquets edtieren? Picons verwalten? Thread (v20.0 released)

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