Remove time limit to edit comments

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  • Remove time limit to edit comments

    Dear forum admins, could you remove the time limit to edit comments? It's annoying and I'm not sure it's GDPR compliant.
  • Too bad, it is so frustrating not to be able to correct your own mistakes.
    You know it has only advantages. There is absolutely no down side in enabling this.
    It would improve the quality of your forum.
    It would also enable people to use it to write tutorials they can amend anytime they want.
    It is also contributing in reducing the number of posts in threads. I mean it looks like you have quite a few threads with hundreds of posts.

    Then there is also the legal question, is it GDPR compliant? I have a feeling it is not, since I can't even delete individual posts.

    You guys might be in serious breach of European regulations. Just saying.

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  • Nonsense!

    You have 5 minutes to correct your mistakes, that should be enough.


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