VU+ Uno 4K​ - VTi 14.0.3 - Sky V13 with HD+ Tuner configuration and recordings

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    • VU+ Uno 4K​ - VTi 14.0.3 - Sky V13 with HD+ Tuner configuration and recordings

      What should my tuner configuration look like for my VU+ Uno 4K - VTi 14.0.3 - Sky V13 with HD+ in NDS CI Module.
      I have two sat cables coming down from the shared house satellite dish in my apartment.
      I have a 1TB Samsung SSD connected to the back USB port through a powered SATA to USB 3.0 housing.
      I'm also using dreamPlayerTV app as client running on a Fire TV Stick 4K.

      The whole system is more or less working now but I'm getting inconsistent results at times.
      How many channels should I be able to record or watch simultaneously?
      My SSD is now formatted as NTFS should I change it to ext something? Can the Uno 4K do the formatting itself?
      That SSD was previously formatted as exFAT but I kept getting broken recordings and "write error while recording, disk full?" messages.
      I did one two hours recording since it was reformatted using NTFS and while it appears to have worked at first it seems the recording is still somewhat corrupted.
      In fact I can't jump to positions or do fast forward/backward properly in that recording. In fact most recording I managed this far have shown that navigation problem.
      Only a few recordings had navigation working smoothly. Some recordings I could watch to the end but still could not navigate smoothly.
      Is this an indication that the file is somewhat corrupted when the navigation is not working or is it a know issue with my image, or both?
    • I did figure out what was wrong with navigating recordings, see PVR HDD hanging.

      Still it looks like one of four recording failed to complete on the NTFS drive. Not sure why.
    • RickX wrote:

      It is highly recommended to use the ext4 Filesystem and not NTFS.
      I'll have to give it a try.