Double Tuner and CI+

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    • Double Tuner and CI+

      I'm using a Vu+ Uno4kSE and I would like to know if it's possible to play two channels (or more) at the same time when using CI+. (It is "supposed" to be doable, the card I'm using is for the french provider Fransat, which require the CI+ module Neotion 1.3)
      It works perfectly fine with channels not encrypted (up to 5 channels simultaneously) but I can only play one channel at a time when it require CI+.
      So far my research are stalling, any input/answer is very will be well appreciated!
    • The CI+ Module can only descramble one channel at a time.
      Mutliple descrambling is not possible.

      You can, however, tune one encrypted channel parallel to unencrypted channels.

      If you want to watch a pay channel and record another pay channel in parallel, you can configure to use encrypted recording. The encrypted recorded file can be decrypted afterwards during standby mode.
    • That's what I was afraid of.
      I've managed to find out that the document stating that you can view 3 channels at the same time was real, but the PCMIA allowing this has been disabled since May 2018, and the only option available now, can only do 1 channel at a time.
      This is sad!
      Anyway, thanks for your answer.
    • Depending on the software in the box, you actually CAN use the CI+ BUT you need to record encrypted. In VTi you can use delayed decoding. Decoding is done when the box is in standby... Decoding needs to be done within x hours of recording as the decoding keys change every few hours...