Double Tuner and CI+

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    • Double Tuner and CI+

      I'm using a Vu+ Uno4kSE and I would like to know if it's possible to play two channels (or more) at the same time when using CI+. (It is "supposed" to be doable, the card I'm using is for the french provider Fransat, which require the CI+ module Neotion 1.3)
      It works perfectly fine with channels not encrypted (up to 5 channels simultaneously) but I can only play one channel at a time when it require CI+.
      So far my research are stalling, any input/answer is very will be well appreciated!
    • The CI+ Module can only descramble one channel at a time.
      Mutliple descrambling is not possible.

      You can, however, tune one encrypted channel parallel to unencrypted channels.

      If you want to watch a pay channel and record another pay channel in parallel, you can configure to use encrypted recording. The encrypted recorded file can be decrypted afterwards during standby mode.
    • That's what I was afraid of.
      I've managed to find out that the document stating that you can view 3 channels at the same time was real, but the PCMIA allowing this has been disabled since May 2018, and the only option available now, can only do 1 channel at a time.
      This is sad!
      Anyway, thanks for your answer.
    • Depending on the software in the box, you actually CAN use the CI+ BUT you need to record encrypted. In VTi you can use delayed decoding. Decoding is done when the box is in standby... Decoding needs to be done within x hours of recording as the decoding keys change every few hours...
    • Double Tuner and CI+

      mimisiku wrote:

      Decoding needs to be done within x hours of recording as the decoding keys change every few hours...

      How long is this window, any ideas?

      This delayed descrambling is kinda unreliable, we have no control when, in what order, with what priority is it being done. I’ve played with this and it seems like if I touched the unit in any way during descrambling it is broken and cannot be executed in any way later on.

      I wish I’d have an option for manually descrambling like “do that now and forget about everything else”. Now it is like a gift we cannot complain about since it is merely a gift :)

      I really would go for CI+ but it is so inconvenient and restricted so no way.

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