Check free space before recording function

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    • Check free space before recording function

      Hello, this function causes that recording is after 3 seconds stopped when instant recording is started on channel without EPG data.
      Could you please add possiblity to adjust time length of recording e.g. 2 hours (with possibility adjust 3, 4, ...hours) in this case?

      Thank you.

    • This is not a bug, it is a new feature. Just disable it in the „recording settings“ in the VTi-Settings!
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    • Hi, thanks for reply. Yes, it´s new feature. I like it so much, but it works well only when EPG data is included by channel. But with channels without broadcasted EPG data, there appears that situation I´ve described above.
      Improvement of this new feature could be add new possibility to "recording settings" something like this: "Adjust recording time if EPG data are missed - 60, 120, 180, etc.. min."
      This is only suggestion of improvement of this great feature.

      Thank you.

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