Deleting recordings

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    • Deleting recordings

      Please explain me how to delte a record completely from hdd at the same moment when l'm deleting it from movie list? Now when i delete a record it disappear from movie list and the trash is empty but that doesn't free my spase. Image 14.0.4. Solo4k.

      Sorry image 14.0.2.
    • Thank you for reply. The triky thing is that when i delete a record it doesn't go to movie trash. It still remain in movie list but become unvisible, therefore l'm unable to delete it from trash and from movie list.
    • The VTI image supports different trash basket systems.

      You probably have configured to use the SQL database based trash.
      This marks the recording as deleted in the database.
      The TS file remains on the disk, but is renamed (I thing to ....ts.del or so).

      You could check, which trash implementation you use.
      Go to your disk using FTP and check, if there are renamed files...
    • You don't have to go to the trash can and delete your recordings manually for good.
      The system is doing it for you, just go to "VTi|Records Settings" and set everything to your liking.
      It's not complicated at all.