Multistream with Vu+ 4k Ultimo - s2x v2 tuner

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    • Eutelsat 5 West:
      With the new update VTI 14.0.3 (Ultimo 4k with S2x Tuner) I can now receive the RAI MS package on 11179h.
      I still have problems getting the other packages, maybe a signal problem of my dish or the new driver/software??
      If someone can comfirm the reception of the french (TNT) MS package on 11509h with VTI 14.0.3
    • Update Eutelsat 5 West:
      after the realignment of the dish I can receive all multistreams (VTI 14.0.3, Ultimo 4k with S2x Tuner)
      to get all channels (e.g. Mediaset) you have to adjust the bandwidth to 36 Mhz if you using an Inverto Unicable 2 LNB/Switch