CI+ reordings

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    • CI+ reordings

      You can find it in settings -> timer. Be aware that you need to assign the respective channels to the Ci module in settings -> common interface assignment (dunno how this is called in English).
    • ... and you will need a 4K VU to use delayed descrambling.
    • ok
      Many thanks I have the 4k uno vu+.
      coxeroni thanks I will assign the channel
      I saw an option when I shedule a record
      Do not descrambling record [yes/No]
      I suppose Yes the record are descrambled and NO the record are scrambled
    • Hi all,

      After a few tests, everything seems alright, except for one thing.

      In fact, I have a french channel which is not encrypted from 19h00 to about 21h00.

      This channel is encrypted once again at about 21h10 but unfortunately, the show begins at 21h00.
      Which means that the recording is clear at the beginning and, ten minutes, the rest is encrypted.

      The decrypting afterwards is not possible. The whole file stays encrypted.
      Now, the question is: is there a solution to avoid this? (Maybe should I modify the *.sc file in order to put it back to 0?)

      Thank you very much in advance for your answer.
    • Yes I can record this channel if all stream is encrypted in that case vti should do the trick.
      If a part of the stream ( the begiining for exemple) is not encrypted and the rest is encrypted vti can't descramble because the software considers whole stream as a decrypted stream and do nothing.