vu+ zero4k - backup restore issue on vti 14.0

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    • vu+ zero4k - backup restore issue on vti 14.0

      Hello guys,

      This is my first post on this forum so at the beginning I would like to say hello to everyone.

      I have some issue with restoring backup. After moving required file to the usb stick (with proper directory structure), inserting the stick into the USB port and turning the power on nothing happens and STB starts normally. Instead of this I would expect that backup restoring process should start.

      The backup is created using backup plugin from Menu -> Vti -> Vti panel -> Vti create/restore backup. I have also manually created copy of kernel, initrd and splash partitions using dd in order verify correctness of created backup files (initrd_auto.bin, kernel_auto.bin, splash_auto.bin) by the plugin, md5 sums are exactly the same, so I assume that backup files created by the plugin are fine.

      Is this known issue? Is there any problem with USB functioning at the very beginning stage of STB boot up process? Or maybe something is wrong with USB stick? I tried to use 2 or 3 different sticks 8 or 16GB, but with no luck.

      The problem is observer on the latest vti 14 version. I am not sure, but probably I had it also on 13.0.12.

      I have also solo4k running on the vti 14.0.1 and there this issue does not occur.

      Any feedback regarding this matter is appreciated.

      Thank you in advance for your help.
    • vu+ zero4k - backup restore issue on vti 14.0

      Do you have the correct structure of folders on your stick?
      vuplus/zero4k/ and in zero4k the backup files?
    • Thank you for your prompt feedback.

      Yes, directory structure is correct. Below I pasted an output from tree command. As you can see this stick contains also backup for solo4k and this one works without any problems. Stick is recognized as 0781:5577 SanDisk Corp.

      ├── vuplus
      │ ├── solo4k
      │ │ ├── initrd_auto.bin
      │ │ ├── kernel_auto.bin
      │ │ ├── rootfs.tar.bz2
      │ │ └── splash_auto.bin
      │ └── zero4k
      │ ├── initrd_auto.bin
      │ ├── kernel_auto.bin
      │ ├── rootfs.tar.bz2
      │ └── splash_auto.bin

      It contains one partition:
      Device Boot Start End Sectors Size Id Type
      /dev/sdc1 * 32 15633407 15633376 7,5G b W95 FAT32

      If you have zero4k, are you able to restore backup on your STB?