Vu+ Duo2 - CAM module

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    • Vu+ Duo2 - CAM module

      I have the following problem with my Vu+ Duo2 (VTI 14.0.1) and CAM module. My CI interface does not recognize the DIGI TV (Slovakia) CA modul (CI+ CA Modul – Nagra). Nevertheless, Irdeto TechniSat CI+ Technicript module can be recognized well and works.

      Moreover, the DIGI TV modul still can be recognized and works in SONY Bravia Android TV and even works in Vantage HD8000S sat receiver.

      The DIGI TV modul worked in my VU+ Duo2 till 23.12.2018 and it seems that it stopped to work when I did the hard restart of my receiver. It stopped to react during the recording of DIGI TV programmed because the disk was full. Since then my DIGI TV is not recognized by the sat receiver.

      I tried to install some other images (VTI 13.0.7, VTI 13.0.12, OpenATV, OpenVuPlus 3.0¨but it is still the same – the DIGI TV modul (Nagra) is not reckognized while TechniSat CI+ Technicript works perfectly.

      Does anyone know what could be wrong please?
    • The VU+ Duo 2 has NO CI+ license (and never will). The licenses for CI+ have been 'stolen' or otherwise illegally obtained. There is absolutely no guarantee whatsoever. Currently only Neotion based CI+ modules are 'recognised'. If the CI+ is based on another chipset (Xilinx) it will not work...