VU4KSE Vti 13.0.12 and PLEX

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    • nobody? looks that this machine is nice crap ... my 3 6-8years old machines relative easy worked with PLEX and this crap for 270€ doesnt? lool

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    • Long story short: doesn't work very well with Plex. There is a plugin (DreamPlex) which seems to work for some people, but it is not actively developed anymore. So for the use with I would use a different device, even a Raspberry Pi works better than any enigma2 based receiver.
    • my husband built any xeon 200TB archive with movies.......but for my children i wanted to use this in their room without more machines .... pity

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    • Dunno what TVs the kids have and how old they are, but I would suggest either a Raspberry Pi or a chromecast as cost-efficient Plex client. For the latter you obviously need a mobile device for casting. If you have more money to spend the nvidia shield is perfect as a plex client and brings many more streaming potential with it.
      The Vu is a terrific satellite/cable receiver, but apart from that it cannot replace a decent streaming client.

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