Tonprobleme bei DD+

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      An alle Neulinge und auch einige alte Hasen: Bitte denkt an eine Sicherung.
      BackupSuite und Image-Backup sind kein Hexenwerk, und ruckzuck erledigt.
    • hi, got the same problem with my 7.2 avr and samsung tv. but solve it with doing fine settings on pvr tv avr. now only avr is decoding everything what it gets from tv. vu downmix off and pcm on, tv bitstream. this settings have solved my sound problems on hd channels. but when i’m switching to DD+ on tv by UHD, i can see on avr something is doing but with a horrible sound/noise . what can that be? i know my avr support DD+ and the hdmi cable is plugged on arc on the avr. hdmi cable? the original. any idea?

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