Built in AudioZap problem

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    • Built in AudioZap problem

      When I press long blue button and activate audio switch I can choose different audio stream. But the picture of the channell I want to watch is not full screen.
      The picture is small like in PiP mode and I cannot manage to get it full screen.
      Can someone help me with this matter ?
      Vu Uno 4k
      VTi 13.09
    • I have done a lot of tests. My thoughts are as follows:
      AudioZap built in VTi 13.09 is not compatible with 4k resolutions. It cant hide channel with audio and view channel (video only) in 4k in front.
      Can someone in Vti community fix this issue ?
      To shorten things up - I want to view turkish channel TRT4k with world cup matches FTA and play different audio stream from other channell.

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