Vu zero 4k big problem!!!

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    • Ok!
      I said that things before,,,because i like very much my tiny zero4k and i want fewer bugs!! especialy singal meter bug!!!!
      Also i like very much VTI images!!! i love them!!!

      sorry for my style before!!!
    • Clemens wrote:

      Please calm down a bit, I'm sure the problem was noted and is passed through, just have some patience ok...

      Also a satellite receiver isn't a measuring device, so this bug isn't that problematic if reception is just fine...
      This is a Very Known Bug in every zero4k forums. For half a year, vu + can't solve this problem... Somehow all satellite receivers do not have this bug.
    • As said earlier, the tuner simply returns some value to the firmware. It is of no real importance as it does not affect the reception at all. It is simply for visual info. Since it ONLY affects the build-in DVB-S2X tuner of the VU+Zero 4K it is most likely an interpretation bug. Instead of a signed integer, a boolean is returned or something of the liking. Tuner locks:99% tuner does not lock:0%
      It may be annoying to some, I couldn't give a damn as long as it works. All my VU+Zero 4K's work absolutely fine...
    • The mutual admiration society, waste of time...

      el bandido from vuplus-community 19.04.2018:
      DVB-S/S2 signal meter reads 100% for almost all transponders.
      The Zero 4K has the worst signal meter I have in any enigma2 receiver.
      It is impossible to correctly align a satellite dish when most or all of
      the active transponders for the satellite read 100% on the receiver. At
      minimum, the signal meter needs to be adjusted back so it will not
      easily read 100% . My other entry level enigma2 receivers do not have
      this problem. My other entry level receivers have the the signal in
      db(snr). The signal in db never reaches 100% which is great for dish
      alignment or for checking how well the dish antenna is working. Please
      fix this signal meter!

      The Zero 4K Blindscan is broken.
      The 22KHz tone does not work in blindscan, which cause the high side of
      the universal lnb to not scan. single oscillator lnbs for c band (5150
      l.o.), and circular band (10750 l.o.) will blindscan correctly. The
      22KHz tone for blindscan is controlled by the blindscan binary file in
      usr/bin. This binary file is closed source. This problem can only be
      fixed by Vu+. Inserting a 22KHz tone generator in the lnb feed line will
      allow the high side of the universal lnb to blindscan, plus the single
      oscillator lnbs blindscan, so we know this is the problem.

      Neo64 from vuplus-community 22.12.2017 !!!
      the decoder works perfectly with your picture, but there is a big bug
      that I hope the master can fix. A signal that shows the decoder in both
      dimensions -% or decibels - is always 100%, even if the "user interface
      option" is changed. shows again 100%.

      Postman_x from vuplus-support 03.01.2018
      ich finde die SNR-Anzeige von der Zero 4K sehr bescheiden. Es steht fast
      bei jedem Sender 99%. Kann VU+ den Treiber nicht modifizieren, dass man
      erkennen kann, welcher Transponder schwach und welcher Transponder
      stark sendet?

      poliv123 from vuplus-images 28.04.2018

      Hello Admin/Mods/and all of you good friends!!!! Good morning!!!
      i have vu zero 4k and it has a big bug(all images) not yet solved!!!
      i mean tuner signal bug. Always wrong signal /// some 100% sometimes 0%
      Do you know please or do you have any information about vu+ fixing this bug?
      Thank you very much!!!!
      I am angree with this bug beacuse for me receicer=tuner driver
      i know vu zero 4k has a good tunner but driver for it?
      when the vu zero ,,4 months in the market but not tunner driver!!!
      Can you tell me your info please?
      Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      etc, etc...
    • Hi! I had the same problem with 0% signal strength showed the image and on weak transponders the signal jumped 75% -25% Express AM6 53E etc. On strong transponders 100% showed. Don't buy VU + Zero 4K I sold it too. Of course it's good that it doesn't have FBC tuner, FBC tuner always shows less signal strength 15-20%, if my old VU-SOLO2 shows 100% then FBC tuner shows 15-20% less
      I did not fix this bug I bought Vu + Zero 4K in 2019 and this bug was already in 2018
    • You can whine about this forever (as long as the VU+ Zero 4K exists). This 'bug' is in the tuner hardware and can't be fixed using software!! If it bothers the user too much, simply sell the VU+ Zero 4K or throw it in the bin. After 2 years it is extremely unlikely that this tuner will be replaced by newer hardware. Perhaps a VU+ Zero 4K rev 2 / SE may ever appear, but for now it doesn't exist.
      This 'bug' is only found in the DVB-S2X/MIS tuner variant of this box. The DVB-C/T2 variant does not have this bug. I own both (5 to be exact).
      For my use they work exceptionally well and stable...
    • Do you want to watch TV or watch the signal meter? :wall1:
      Btw.: All cars show a different/higher speed than the real speed (even by design), do you complain about it too ?
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    • I'm telling you, the signal jumps from 75% to 20% and so on weaker satellites 36e-1.0w The toroidal T90 is all right, meanwhile 0% shows signal strength but the picture in front is not normal, you can't look at it like me you have nothing to say wise to comment